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====== Dokuwiki Introduction ====== Great! You want to write pages on our wiki. This page provides a basic introduction on what you can do, and how you can do it. ===== Create a new Page ===== ==== Link to a page ==== The easiest way to create a new page is to link to a page with the desired title that doesn't exist yet. To create a link, edit an existing page. You will be presented with an editor interface. In order to create a link, place the cursor where you want to insert it and click the cahin icon in the toolbar above the editor. A little popup will open where you can enter the name of the page you want to link to. Enter the name and press enter, as it will not show up as a result since it doesn't exist yet. Alternatively you can insert the link syntax on your own: [[target_page|Label]] This would create a link looking like this: [[target_page|Label]] As you can see, the link doesn't say "target_page" but "Label". If you remove everything after the target page name, dokuwiki will print the target page name. You can preview your changes by clicking "Preview" under the Editor. ==== Save the Changes ==== If you are sure, everything is how you want it (the link links to the correct place and has the desired label), enter a short edit summary of what you did. Please try to make it useful, so others will understand what you meant, don't rely on the changes being visualizable in a diff view. Hit the "Save" button and follow the red link to your new page. ==== Start filling the page ==== The first thing you may want to add to your page will be the menu on the top. Add this code to display the menu at that position: {{page>menu}} //Note:// this only works properly when the page is in no namespace! You can format the page contents either with the toolbar on top or by typing the syntax on your own. See the next chapter for a basic introduction to the Dokuwiki syntax. ===== Basic Dokuwiki Syntax Introduction ===== ==== Headings ==== Headings are composed of ''='' signs wrapped around the heading of different numbers. For example a top level heading has six equal signs before and after it. Lower headings ahve one less equal sign each. //Example:// <code> ====== Heading 1 ===== ===== Heading 2 ===== ==== Heading 3 ==== === Heading 4 === == Heading 5 == = Heading 6 = </code> The Table of Contents will be automatically generated based on the page's headings. ==== Text Formatting ==== Dokuwiki supports the most common text formattings: bold, italic, underlined and crossed out. //Example:// <code> **Bold** //Italic// __Underlined__ <del>Crossed out</del> </code> **Bold** //Italic// __Underlined__ <del>Crossed out</del> ==== Lists ==== Dokuwiki supports two kinds of lists, ordered and unordered lists. Both have a basic indentation of three spaces, followed by a list item symbol, a space and then the item's content. Ordered lists use the ''-'' sign and unordered lists use ''*''. After the first item, dokuwiki will automatically add another item if you press enter. When pressing enter a second time, the list is finished and you are back in normal writing mode. //Example// <code> - First Item - Second Item * Unordered Item * Another Unortdered Item </code> - First Item - Second Item * Unordered Item * Another Unortdered Item ==== Code Formatting ==== Dokuwiki supports a multitude of ways to format code. Inline code is wrapped into two ''''' signs. Code blocks can be declared in multiple ways: * Indent the block with two spaces * Start and stop it with a ''<code>'' tag * Start and stop it with a ''<file>'' tag Code blocks wrapped in tags can have language specific syntax highlighting. For a full list, check out [[users:thebecwar]]. ==== More ==== For more syntax items, check out the official syntax documentation linked under resources or the syntax link on the top of the page editor. ===== Add an extension ===== TBD ===== Resources ===== * [[|Complete Dokuwiki Syntax Documentation]]

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