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{{page>:menu}} ====== Website Translation ====== Translating the website is a lot different than translating Nightingale, even though both can be translated on BabelZilla. However the website uses a different translation system than Nightingale, which leads to different conventions. ===== Translatable Websites ===== Currently only, (shown after you install/update Nightingale) and are translatable, even though there are more strings in the BabelZilla repository, though those may change in the future. Translations for the main website will be coming with an upcoming redesign. ===== String schemes ===== All the strings but the main navigation begin with the component/page they are used on, followed by an underline. After that follows the string ID, most likely sectioned with underlines too and finally optionally followed by a javascript attribute (like alt, title or innerHTML), which is separated with a ''.''. If the JS attribute is innerHTML, your string can contain HTML, so please be responsible with the HTML you use. ===== Variables ===== Variables have the following scheme: ''<nowiki>{{variablename}}</nowiki>'', where variablename, is the name of the variable. ===== Inline Links ===== Some strings contain links. Babelzilla notifies you if you do not link to the same URL as the origin did. However if there is an official translated resource of the linked document availablle, please link to it instead. Further, consider using the [[|'hreflang' tag]] in hyperlinks to specify the language in the target document.

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