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**Addons ported from Songbird to Nightingale:** 1) [[ bookmarks|Audio Bookmarks]] 2) <del>Bird Cage</del> (discontinued) 3) [[ (developers tool)|BirdWatcher]] 4) [[|Cool Clock]] 5) [[|Download Badge]] 6) <del>gReader</del> (discontinued, another podcast catcher on its way!) 7) <del>Lieder Lyrics</del> (not currently working, may be fixed in due course) 8) [[|Now Playing Art]] 9) <del>Polar Clock</del> (discontinued) 10)[[|Sleep Timer]] 11) [[|Splish splosh]] 12)[[|Track Art Fetcher]] 13)[[|Zippy]] **Not ported from Songbird:** * TextStore * PageStore * Digital clock **Other addons not (yet?) published:** * Alternative importer (simple but robust) * Library (re-)organiser * Show web icon for track's Origin Page in faceplate & preview * Podcast catcher Let me know, if any of these would be useful to you and I'll share them

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