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Nightingale contains a set of automated unit tests. These are not included in the release version and need to be built specifically. ====== Run Unit Tests Locally ====== ===== Build Unit Tests ===== To build Nightingale with unit tests, add the following line to your nightingale.config: ac_add_options --enable-tests ===== Run Unit Tests ===== To run the unit tests launch the compiled executable in compiled/dist with the <code>-test</code> argument. Make sure you have a GUI environement, else execution of some tests is impossible. You can optionally supply a comma separated list of test components to run ([[unit_tests#List_of_all_Unit_test_Groups|see below]] for a list of available test groups), else all tests are run. If you want to run all tests you can alternatively run <code> make test </code> The console log contains information about the tests and whether they passed or failed. ====== Automated Unit Tests ====== We use [[|Travis CI]] for automated unit testing. You can see the results [[|here]]. ====== Known Failures ====== Some Unit tests fail, even though they are in reality fine. All other failures must be looked at as an error. ===== Windows ===== gstreamer - audio_processing will fail the gap test, as Windows has an outdated version of gstreamer 0.10 ====== List of all Unit Test Groups ====== Unit tests are grouped by component they test. The following are available: * addonmetadata * appcontent * basetests * cddevice * dataremote * dbengine * devicebase * devicedevice * devicefirmware * devicemanager * directoryimport * displaypanes * feathers * filedownloader * filesystemevents * fileutils * gstreamer * identity * internalsearch * intl * itunesimporter * jscodelib * library-base * localdatabaselibrary * mediacorebase * mediacoremanager * mediaexportservice * mediaitemdownload * mediamanager * mediapages * metadatalookup_manager * metadatamanager * playbackhistoryservice * playlistcommands * playlistreader * playlistwriter * playqueue * properties * remoteapi * servicepane * shutdownservice * sqlbuilder * temporaryfileservice * transcodeservice * urlformatter * watchfolders

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