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{{page>menu}} Here are tools we use for Nightingale development : ===== Cross-platorm ===== * [[|Geany]] (text-editor) * [[|Git]] (version control system used by Nightingale) * [[|SVN]] (version control system used by Songbird) * [[|Sass]] CSS Tool * [[|Meld]] Visual diff, merge tool * [[|GStreamer]] Multimedia framework * [[|PHP]] Server-side coding language (Featherweight) * [[|Python]] Script language (some scripts) * [[|node.js]] JavaScript framework (some scripts) * [[|XULRunner]] Mozilla framework * [[|Sublime Text]] Text editor * [[|Bash scripts]] (some scripts) * [[|MAR]] Mozilla ARchive (to generate Nightingale updates) * [[|jq]] Command-line JSON processor (to parse .json files) * [[|rsync]] Utility to synchronizes files (to upload nightlies on ===== Linux ===== (See Cross-platform tools) ===== Windows ===== * [[|Paint Shop Pro]] Graphics editor * [[|Photoshop]] Graphics editor * [[|TortoiseGit]] Graphical tool for Git * [[|GitHub Windows]] Git Front-end for Windows * [[|TortoiseSVN]] Graphical tool for SVN * [[|MozillaBuild]] Tools needed to build * [[|Visual Studio 2008 Express]] (VC9) with C++ compiler * [[|Windows SDK]] * [[|Windows Driver Kit]] (only needed to build the unsupported iPod add-on) * [[|Notepad++]] Text editor with Syntax highlighting ===== Mac OS X ===== * [[|Xcode 4]] (IDE) * [[|MacPorts]] (Ports) ===== Web platforms ===== * [[|GitHub]] (Code/issues) * [[|Sourceforge]] (Hosting deps/releases/testing/nightlies) * [[|BabelZilla]] (localization) running on [[|Transifex]] * [[|OpenGrok]] (code search) ([[|Install tutorial]]) * [[|WordPress]] (Blog) * [[|MyBB]] (Forums) * [[|DokuWiki]] (Wiki) * [[|Bugzilla]] (Bug tracker used by Songbird) * [[|CodeIgniter]] (PHP Framework) * [[|Persona]] Universal Login system by Mozilla ===== Nightingale ===== * [[add-ons#nightingale_developer_tools|Developer Tools]] (XUL Tools to quickly start an add-on with sample code)

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