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{{page>menu}} ====== Social Media ====== ===== Networks ===== Nightingale provides support and promotes using multiple social media channels: * [[|Twitter]], curated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] and [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] * [[]|Facebook]], curated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]], [[users:ilikenwf|ilikenwf]] and [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] * [[|Google+]], curated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]], [[users:ilikenwf|ilikenwf]], [[users:manko10|Manko10]] and [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] * [[| Broadcasts]], curated by [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] ===== Application Profiles ===== * [[|OpenHatch]], curated by [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] * [[|Freecode]], curated by [[users:Manko10|Manko10]] * [[|OpenHub]], curated by [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] * [[|Freshcode Club]] (freecode fork or something) ===== Unified Branding ===== Currently none. ===== Cross Posting ===== To simplify management and effort we use [[|Buffer]] for cross posting to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. New Blog posts are automatically distributed using Buffer. New Blog posts also automatically send a new Broadcast. Broadcasts could be cross posted to Facebook (not sure if pages too) and Twitter.

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