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====== Setup iTunes import ====== Nightingale allows you to import your library from iTunes. Not uspported are Smart Playlists. Also keep in mind, that Nightingale can't play tracks with DRM. {{:itunes_import_screenshot.png?200 |}}Go to Tools->Preferences and select "Media Importer" in the Preferences Dialog. Click on the "Browse..." button and go into your "iTunes" folder. You should find a file called "iTunes Music Library.xml" in it. Select it and click "Import Library". Nightingale now imports your library from iTunes. ===== Useful Add-ons ===== Some features of iTunes aren't available by defaultin Nightingale. However extensions plug up some of those holes: * iTunes DJ/PartyShuffle: [[add-ons#partyruffle]] * CoverFlow: [[add-ons#whirlybird]] or [[add-ons#mediaflow]] * Old iTunes Design: [[add-ons#itune_nightingale]]

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