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A list of user requested features. It's not ordered by priority. Before you add a feature, please check if it's not on [[features_in_work|the list of stuff we are working on]] or already an [[|open issue]]. ===== Web/Services: ===== * Bookmarks * Releases add-on * OpenTape integration * Perhaps try and integrate some cloud services, non-DRM stores into xpi's so they're optional...that may be a way to get google summer of code coders involved?? * DLNA server & controller ===== Devices: ===== * iPod Support - We need to get that working if we want more users (non Rockbox/FolderSync)...since HAL is dead, this may be interesting * manual Sync - just mark and send songs to your device, without playlist, song ratings, etc ===== User interface: ===== * Simplify the menus (-> clean options window) * Allow user to set library sorting order ( * Integrate video window into the media view pane (the one above the library list like MediaFlow) rather than as a separate window on top of Nightingale. * Track playing bar at top displays the Wave of the file as track is playing * Album Rating field that is by default calculated by the average of the tracks' ratings, or can be be assigned - And appears after the Album name in the filter pane * "Album - Year" field for the filter pane that displays the album year * Album art displaying at the bottom of the Now Playing List (on the right) * With Album Art on right, above, show Track Info immediately above Album Art, with Artist, Composer, Length, Year, file type (such as FLAC) and encoding (such as 44.1khz 16 bit) ===== System integration: ===== * Windows 7 Taskbar integration ([[|buttons possible with Gecko 1.9.2 / Nightingale 1.11]], jumplist needs Gecko 2.0 / Nightingale 1.12 alternative: [[|Winfox]]?) * Portable version * System integration feathers as FF now does ===== Art/Visualization: ===== * Better/more Album Art detection and sources * Artwork on the right pane : * Visualizations (Canvas?) ===== Core: ===== * Use GStreamer/XUL for media playback * Pause playback while playing <audio>/<video> element. * General speed enhancements in terms of the database * Make it work better with huge (80GB+) libraries (will be better in next release) ===== Other: ===== * Karaoke (CDG) capability, such as Winamp has.(check out MLyrics) * Make it work better with NAS stored music - perhaps measure latency and then buffer the media files more * Better iTunes import ([[]])

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