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====== Tests for a new release ====== ===== Profile ===== * Setup a new profile, follow the first run manager * with importing media * without importing media * Wait until the library is loaded and ready * check first-run add-ons download * Open an existing profile (migrate it) and check if the media is loaded, feathers & add-ons are loaded. ===== Media ===== Do those tests both with a new profile and an existing (migrated) one * Music playback of .MP3,.WAV,.FLAC,.OGG * Video playback .OGG,(?) * Media import of MP3,WAV,FLAC,OGG (video&audio) * Are all tags loaded? * Batch media imports (with mixed formats) ===== Playlists ===== * Playlist content is remembered after a restart * Smart playlists * Refreshes when new items should be added * Settings saved correctly on new start ===== Search ===== * Library gets filtered in list view while typing * Library search is performed on enter hit * When switching to a web tab, the engine changes away from the Nightignale search * When switching back to the library tab, the engine switches back to the Nightingale searchengine ===== Mediaviews ===== * A new profile contains two media views and displays two buttons * List view * List view with filter panes, check if all panes work as they should * Installing a (any) mediaview shows it in the dropdown * Mediaview extensions (example) add a button to the mediaview switcher ===== Feathers ===== * Switching feathers works in runtime * Playback control in miniplayer for Blue Monday works * Playback control can be moved in Blue Monday * Playback control in the Blue Monday main window works

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