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====== Ready the codebase ====== Revert commit 36a234126bd2c02d5d23606a506ef0d44494efa3, so we build with the new firstrunpage. **Status:** OK ====== L10n ====== Make sure [[ngale-locales|locales]] are uploaded on the server and test them **Assignee :** GeekShadow **Status :** OK **Notes :** First version to relies on Babelzilla made langpacks. Builded with [[|this script]] and uploaded manually to ====== Add-ons ====== Make sure first run add-ons are uploaded on the server and test them **Assignee :** GeekShadow, freaktechnik **Status :** OK **Notes :** Concerts is no more working, 7Digital is deprecated, New Releases not working : no needs to include them., mashTape, MLyrics, SoundCloud, Shoutcast should be uploaded. ====== Build ====== For each platform, run on nightingale-1.12.1 branch It could now be done using build servers (need a bit work on buildscript first) * Windows x86 : rsjtdrjgfuzkfg * Mac OS X x86 : GeekShadow * Linux x86 : freaktechnik * Linux x86_64 : GeekShadow * Linux x86 ubuntu : freaktechnik * Linux x86_64 ubuntu : freaktechnik **Status :** * Windows x86 : OK * Mac OS X x86 : OK * Linux x86 : OK * Linux x86_64 : OK * Linux x86 ubuntu: OK * Linux x86_64 ubuntu: OK * PPA: OK **Notes :** Now we could also add Ubuntu/Debian packages ====== Testing ====== We have to do a quick test on each platform to see if there are issues **Assignee :** Everyone **Status :** * Mac: OK * Windows: OK * Linux x86: OK * Linux x86_64 : OK **Notes :** Todo : Test basic features, such as locale, add-ons install, import, playback (maybe we could get POTI to give us access to scenario cases used back when Litmus was public). Run tests for components offering tests (not sure how to achieve this...). Also do the [[release tests]]. ====== Binaries upload ====== Binaries have to be uploaded on [[|]], updates have to go to [[|Google Code]]. Could be automatize with bash scripting **Assignee :** ilikenwf (mac/linux) rsjtdrjgfuzkfg (windows) GeekShadow (linux) **Status :** * Windows x86 : OK * Mac OS X x86 : OK * Linux x86 : OK * Linux x86_64 : OK * Linux x86 ubuntu : OK * Linux x86_64 ubuntu : OK * Launchpad PPA : OK **Notes :** exe installer for Windows x86, dmg installer for Mac x86, tar.gz tarball for Linux x86/x86_64 ====== Tag the branch ====== The branch should be tagged on [[|GitHub]] (1.12.1) **Assignee :** rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, ilikenwf **Status :** OK **Notes :** Next 1.12.2 ? ====== Update website ====== The website should be updated to reflect the new release. We need new screenshots for the frontpage, since mashTape branding has changed. We should include a nice looking changelog for non-geeks (new features/improvements) Also update the links to our extensions on the extensionspage. **Assignee :** freaktechnik, GeekShadow **Status :** * Firstrun: OK * Screenshots: NOT OK * Extensions: OK **Notes :** ====== Blog post ====== We should write an article for 1.12.1 release **Assignee :** freaktechnik / rsjtdrjgfuzkfg **Status :** OK **Notes :** ====== Web/Social Share ====== We have to update our social networks accounts, and also digg, slashdot etc. **Assignee :** all **Status :** * Facebook -> OK * Twitter -> OK * Google + -> OK * Slashdot (ilikenwf, everyone up vote) -> OK * Reddit -> OK **Notes :** Facebook, Twitter and Google+ should be automated

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