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====== Project Movaru ====== {{:projects:movaru.png?200 |It's a Movaru!}} The wiki's structure is a mess right now. It is a knowledgebase, but you need to know where to find the info (luckily there's a search function). Project Movaru's goal is to clean up the structure and make all pages accessible from somewhere, so they should be linked where related. ===== Current Situation ===== There's not much to say, just look at the [[´|Sitemap]]. As you can see we do have multiple categories going on, and you probably didn't even know some of them. The main problem right now is the mix of development and user-help related pages. Also sub pages that aren't in a category but rather have a name like "parentpagename_pagename". ===== The Solution ===== Probably separating development pages like "build" into the developer_center, adding a help section and only keeping generic pages like add-ons, events or release notes in the main scope. ==== Proposed Structure ==== * Projects (including [[:kitchen:kitchen]] & komete) * Archive * Help/User Manual (online version) * [[:release_notes|Release Notes]] * [[:developer_center|Developer Center]] * [[:developer_meetings|Developer Meetings]] * [[:build]] * Existing stuff if dc ===== How to move pages ===== * Edit page to move * Cut all its contents * Save the empty page * Create page at new location * Paste contents * Make sure to correct all the links to the page * ??? * Profit!

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