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====== Desktop ====== Nightingale is supported on the main 3 platforms : Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Contributors are mainly on Windows and Linux. ===== Windows ===== We only build x86 builds for Windows ==== XP, 2003 ==== Nothing special, XP is supported by Microsoft until 2014 ==== Vista ==== Since most of users are on Seven or XP we are not testing it and Microsoft is mostly deprecating this. ==== Seven ==== * Aero snap is supported since we did use native borders, Mook have a patch that enable Aero snap on feathers without native borders. * We doesn't support yet playback buttons in the taskbar thumbnail of the app ==== Eight ==== * Windows 8 was release (RTM) August, 15th for OEMs and released October 26th for customers * Firefox is building a metro app based on Firefox Mobile interface but this is obviously Firefox trunk (far from our base) * Metro support would be either an app from scratch or a web app * Windows 8 RT is also released for ARM (targeting tablets and notebooks) but not supporting 3rd parties ARM apps (just HTML/JavaScript apps) ===== Linux ===== ==== Ubuntu ==== Ubuntu is one of the main public distro, one of our contributor is working on Unity support, and it should be proposed in the first run add-on bundle when it's done/tested. Ubuntu is shipping already a media player : Rhythmbox with Ubuntu One and Music Catalog (7Digital) PPA ? ==== Fedora ==== ==== ArchLinux ==== ===== Mac OS X ===== Thanks to Apple, Mac OS X is the most difficult platform to support, because of the hardware price, platform being locked more and more and iTunes being use by most of Mac users. Currently we are building using VM or physical machines (Mac Mini) It seems like native borders doesn't work good Some add-ons were made to support multimedia keys on Apple Keyboards. ==== Mountain Lion ==== Retina support is on latest Firefox releases, as always we should update our core to support this. ====== Mobile, Embedded, Web ====== We doesn't support mobile platforms yet, but we may work on a Web version. ===== Android ===== There already a lot of good music players on Android : * Default music player * Google Play Music * Songbird (Equalizer not free ! booo) * Winamp (same) * VLC (beta) ===== iOS ===== * Can't develop a real media player (same issue with web browser) due to Apple restrictions ===== Windows Mobile ===== ===== Firefox OS ===== OS in development, interesting because it is only made using web technologies. A music player is already in development but I doubt it will easily allow add-ons. It could be possible to fork it and allow add-ons using JavaScript files.

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