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{{page>openstage:menu&nofooter}} | @red:This page is under construction. Don't rely on information provided here | ====== OpenStage ====== The OpenStage project gives offers a stage for an open artist each Nightingale release. It is an effort to connect the Nightingale community to open/free music artists. In other words promotes one artist for a whole major release cycle. ===== Informations for Artists ===== * [[openstage:motivation|Why we run OpenStage]] * [[openstage:offering|What OpenStage offers the artist]] * [[openstage:requirements|What an Artists needs to provide in order to participate]] * [[openstage:selection_process|How we select artists]] * [[openstage:FAQ|FAQ]] * [[openstage:apply|How to Apply]] ===== Informations for Free/Open Music Platforms ===== * [[openstage:music_platforms|Integration with Music Platforms]] ===== Participating Artists ===== [[openstage:future|Future Participants]] {{section>openstage:past#Past Participants&link&nofooter}}

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