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The Nightingale feather is designed by [[users:manko10|Manko10]] and developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] and [[users:Timmythepirate|Timmythepirate]]. Work is still in progress, this feather is built over "Purple Rain" feather from Songbird 1.10.2 branch (now from 1.11 branch). * [[|Discussion]] * [[|Code source]] ====== Development ====== If you build Nightingale yourself, you should add this option in your nightingale.config : ac_add_options --disable-jars It will disable jar files creation, so you can directly edit feather files without having to deal with jar files. ====== Tips & tricks ====== Prev/Play/Pause/Next controls buttons needed to be overlayed, I did this in XUL using [[|<stack>]] ====== TODO ====== * Build around [[|new proposals]] -> In progress * Provide to developers buttons sample + Design Guidelines (Manko ?) * Adjust sizes for buttons/faceplate * Orange «Coppery» theme and ability to switch on the same feather * System menus * Improve mini-player mode * Make it work on Songbird Original design by [[users:manko10|Manko10]] : {{nightingale_ui_draft002.export_blue.png?500}} {{nightingale_ui_draft002.export.png?500}} ====== Images where color change ====== * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/base-elements/bg-generic-header.png (tabs background eg. extensions/language) * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/base-elements/button-checkbox.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/base-elements/button-radio.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/check.png (duplicate!) * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/error.png (duplicate!) * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/icon-complete.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/icon-generic-device.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/icon-warning.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/image.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/music.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/device/video.png * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/info-bar/check.png (duplicate!) * feathers/coppery/chrome/skin/info-bar/error.png (duplicate!) * [[|MOAR IN PROGRESS !]]

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