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{{page>menu}} {{:l10n.png?nolink|}} Localization (L10n) of the whole project: * [[ngale-locales|Nightingale itself]]: it's handled on [[|Babelzilla]] and [[|GitHub]] * Add-ons: most of them are on [[|Babelzilla]], else most of them are open source and you can send patch to authors * Installer: Most of locales are covered, if you want to localize it, send a patch to [[|InnoSetup team]] * [[website-l10n|Website]]: handled on [[|Babelzilla]] and [[|GitHub]] * Blog: not yet began (plugin to install, articles to translate) * Wiki: not yet began (plugin to install, articles to translate) * Forums: we have some sections for others languages, install other langpacks for the UI ===== Guidelines ===== Please follow the [[l10n:guidelines|global guidelines]] when translating. Also consider the forum thread for you language for additional guidelines (can be found in [[|this subforum]].) ===== Forum Thread Template ===== [[l10n:forum_thread_template]]

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