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**Current draft here : [[:dashboard]]** We should make a dashboard to track different things : ==== Site availability ==== If our website is up or not. Things that depends on website for Nightingale : add-ons and langpacks. Maybe we could host them on GitHub/ instead ? What about using [[]]? ==== Nightlies ==== We should track if nightly was built or not and give more information. Currently, if there is changes on the repo and the build went fine, it's uploaded on ==== Number of downloads ==== We should retrieve number of downloads from ==== Feather upgrade ==== We should do something like Mozilla did for Firefox interface to track changes needed on the user interface : ==== Global features support/request ==== Track what we don't support yet, or what add-ons can do to fill gaps, started here: [[:features]] and [[:requested_features]] ==== L10n status ==== [[|Babelzilla]] is providing statistics on localization completion. ==== Projects progression ==== Track projects progression using GitHub issues and milestones. ==== Market use ==== Track what players people use on desktop, gather some statistics (OS, players...) ==== Bugs ==== Keep track of SB bugs we have fixed. Mainly using the [[|nightingale metabug]]. FIXME

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