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====== Developer Meeting 11 ====== Date: 03. Oct 2015 Time: [[|21:00 UTC]] Location: [[:IRC]] #nightingale ===== Topics ===== Feel free to add new topics if you wish to discuss something not yet listed, or add your username to an existing topic you wish to give input for -- rsjtdrjgfuzkfg - Status Update * Backups proved useful, we saved one account on the forums. Maybe pruning has been the issue, that is disabled now. -- rsjtdrjgfuzkfg * Mac building was busted and repeaired -- freaktechnik * A new track editor tab suggestion -- freaktechnik * design -- freaktechnik * Merged flac albumart stuff * fixed [[|#191]] -- freaktechnik * Added debug build tests to travis and made travis sudoless -- freaktechnik * Fixed #323 remaining time toggleable -- freaktechnik * make run --freaktechnik * git version numbering * build verbosity * We got some translations and stuff. - Sourceforge * Releases to github has been decided iirc; but what about deps and testing builds? We should abandon SF and, to actually do that, plan when and how we migrate. -- rsjtdrjgfuzkfg - 1.13b * gstreamer 1.0 * taglib - Misc * rsjtdrjgfuzkfg would love some SSL on the forum domain, which ilikenwf sadly has to enable for each domain. * zjays would like to see us implement the dokuwiki add-on wiki system to when the next Nightingale version is released (Geekshadow prefers to first update it with upstream changes from Dokuwiki, but the changes are pretty extensive and not sure either of us have time for that in the next few months) ===== Logs ===== The event has been logged by [[|SNAILBot]].

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