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[[:developer_center:developer_intro|< Back to the Developer Intro]] ====== Extensions ====== Nightingale takes after its parents, and has inherited Mozilla's add-ons architecture. Add-ons are distributed as zipped directories containing an install.rdf among several other files. The best way to get started with making an add-on is to use the Extension Generator. I never use anything else. To distribute your add-on later, simply create a zip of the root directory of your add-on. (If you do it right, unzipping it into a directory will make a mess and not just one folder.) =====Articles===== * [[developer_center:creating_extensions|Creating Extensions]] * [[developer_center:creating_media_views|Creating Media Views]] * Display Panes Development Guide * Firefox Extension Porting Walk-through * Creating Locale Support in your Extension * Adding GStreamer Plugins =====Reference Documentation===== * [[|Platform/Extension API Reference Documentation (trunk)]] * Platform/Extension API Reference Documentation (2.0 branch) =====Tools/Resources===== * [[|Extension Wizard (Nightingale Developer Tools Add-on)]] * Add-on Hosting Resources * Extension Development Discussion Forum =====Sample Code===== * Example Pause/Play/Stop Extension * Sample add-on * Getting started/development guide {{page>developer_center:recipe_book:extensions_and_core&noindent&nofooter}}

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