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{{page>menu}} Welcome to the Nightingale Developer Wiki. This is a technical users' repository. If you're just looking to install and use Nightingale to listen to music, you probably want to head back to the [[|main site]] ! Within the wiki you can find information about the project, how to hack on it, how to get code submitted to the project, how to create your own add-ons, developer support and resources, and a whole slew of other information to hopefully help in your Nightingale development. =====New to Nightingale Development?===== If you don't know the difference between an Extension and a Feather - no worries! Nightingale has a ton of APIs available and different ways of integrating into it... knowing exactly what to build or how to integrate into Nightingale can be overwhelming. We've put together a [[developer_center:developer_intro|Developer Intro]] page to help you figure out what you can build and how you can build it. =====APIs, and the people who (ab)use them...===== * Web Developers : Web developers building online music stores & media Web services should refer to our [[developer_center:developer_intro:webpage_api|Web-page API resources]]. * Visual Designers : Firefox themers, Winamp skinners, visual designers, and artists, please refer to our [[developer_center:developer_intro:feathers|Feathering resources]]. * Extension Gurus : Firefox extension and Winamp plug-in developers, you know what to do... see our [[developer_center:developer_intro:extensions|Extensions resources]]. * JS/C/C++ Developers : Application developers can hack on and improve the core Nightingale player. Check out our [[developer_center:developer_intro:core|Core Development resources]]. Or just jump straight to Git info! =====Help Make Nightingale Better!===== Found a bug? Want to fix a bug? Either way, you'll want to get to know our [[|GitHub issue database]]. If you want to start contributing code, look at a [[|Small Project]] and do a pull request. You can start with harder projects, if you want, however still file a pull request for your first commit. You might get direct access to the repository later. =====Translate Nightingale===== Help translate Nightingale into your own locale on Babelzilla. For more information visit the [[localization]] page. =====Source browser===== Want to check out Nightingale source code? [[|Here you go]]. Wanna search through the source code? [[|Look here]] or use GitHub's code search in the repo. =====Nightly Builds===== You can find the latest Nightingale nightlies [[|here]]. =====Resources===== ====Developer Intro==== An intro to all our various APIs and ways to customize with or integrate into Nightingale. Read this if you're new to Nightingale development. [[developer_center:developer_intro|Go to the Introduction >]] ====Articles==== Human-readable development articles categorized by concepts (e.g. Web Mashups, Appearances, Playlists, XPCOM, etc.) Read the Getting Started guides to quickly get off the ground running. [[|Songbird Wiki Articles Archive]] (some articles may be outdated and not applicable to Nightingale) ====Examples==== 100% complete from start to finish sample code for each of our APIs. Here lies a complete extension, sparkling Feathers, and 100% working music store/music blog code utilizing our Webpage API. ====Recipe Book==== 100% free, MIT-licensed, highly reusable code snippets to quickly do things like "Make a bookmark", "Stop playback", or "Add a webpage listener". Copy and paste and re-use to your heart's content! [[developer_center:recipe_book|Go to the Recipe Book >]] ====Reference Docs==== All the hairy nitty-gritty technical docs, design docs, and API references. These are pretty deep-dive docs, and aren't necessarily as "friendly" as the human-readable articles. See [[]] =====Discussion===== Want to talk to us in real-time? Drop by our [[IRC]] channel over at irc:// If you're building extensions, Feathers, or web integrations using our Webpage API, come on our forum for support. If you're doing core Nightingale player development, come on our forum for support.

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