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====== Course on Mozilla Education and Technologies @ Evry ====== ===== Introduction : ===== We have listed the most important projects we have that are fairly easy to do with an addon. Those are suggestions for addons for beginners. If you have an other idea, feel free to do that, but it might be better to ask someone on the IRC chat first to check if it's already in progress and how much work it could take. If you have never created an addon before, check [[|the Mozilla documentation]], an [[|addon tutorial]] and [[|the Songbird developer intro]]. When you have problems, feel free to ask on the IRC chat or in the [[|forum]]. If you've never used Nightingale before, check it out. It's the easiest way to see what's missing :-) ===== Projects : ===== Each project has two numbers [a|b] where a is the complexity and b is the workload. These are estimations of another student, so don't rely on it too much. Scale is from 0 to 10. * Equalizer Presets : as a core feature with ability to save/load customs presets ([[add-ons#equalizer_presets|add-on example here]]) [4|6] * Podcasts support, [[|as designed]] (but not implemented) by Songbird [6|8] * [[kitchen:CDRip|CD Rip]] as an add-on to be able to extract audio tracks from CDs [6|5] * Bluetooth tracks synchronization [7|5] * Metadata writing base on song footprint using services like Musicbrainz [7|6] * Ability to specify start and end of songs [6|7] * A way to easily share the track playing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (you can look at [[|LiveTweeter]] as a base) [5|5] * A way to integrate Google Music (no API yet), Spotify (web API/core API) and Grooveshark [7|8] * Your idea ===== Tools : ===== * You can use {{:developertools.xpi|DevTools}}, it's an add-on for making add-ons ;) * We use GitHub, repos are here : ([[|more information here]]) ===== Documentation : ===== Nightingale is a fork of Songbird, so the documentation is mainly on the Songbird wiki, some articles may be outdated, feel free to ask if you are not sure ! * * * [[|APIs for 1.8]] (our current build available) * [[|APIs for 1.11]] (our version in progress) Note : In the current 1.8 branch, we are using "nightingale" name-space instead of "songbird", it's likely to be reverted to "songbird". ===== Contact : ===== * On IRC, #comete and #nightingale over For french talking people, you can ping [[users:lukas_skywalker|Lukas_Skywalker]] and [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] (i'm available after 18h30 the week, all the afternoon on friday, all the day on week-end) * By e-mail, [[]] * On the [[|forum]]

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