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{{page>menu}} Steps before reporting bugs : - Post on the [[|forum]] or reach us on IRC - Look on [[|GitHub issues]] or the [[|forum]] if the issue wasn't reported before - If not, report the bug [[|here on GitHub]]. Don't forget to include critical information like operating system, Nigtingale version and if you're on Linux how you obtained the Nightingale executable. Songbird Commmunity patchs that never made it into Songbird but are in Nightingale: //Songbird bugs links are offline currently we plan to put up a backup soon// * [[|SB Bug 10030]] - [linux] there are TWO option/preferences menu locations where only one is necessary * [[|SB Bug 20172]] - [devtools] Improve DevTools with new features * [[|SB Bug 23118]] - [purplerain] Volume slider bar unfilled on startup * [[|SB Bug 24938]] - Display Pane title can't be localized * [[|SB Bug 25324]] - Inconsistent usage of ellipsis at the end of menu items * [[|SB Bug 25329]] - Cleaner way to open Download Manager * [[|SB Bug 25706]] - Ability to use Stop button without overlay hack * [[|SB Bug 25938]] - mashTape no longer fetches artist Biography/information Patchs from Nightingale which were in Songbird : * [[|SB Bug 25167]] - Songbird starts with blank media list Patchs refused in Songbird but in Nightingale : * [[|SB Bug 8760]] - [servicepane] Separate folders for playlists (as an add-on but maybe as core later) There are a lots of patchs from the community to look for with the tag 3rdppatch ===== Features Nightingale still doesn't have ===== * No add-ons update mechanism yet (Each add-on has to be updated manually) * No real add-ons platform -> It's being developed and called [[|Featherweight]] * No CD-Rip, MSC, MTP, QuickTime, Windows Media support (Closed source on Songbird) * No Crash report server * No Help section link * No metrics ===== Task Markers ===== Current inline tasks are listed on [[bugs:taskmarkers|bugs:taskmarkers]].

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