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====== Zippy ====== ---- add-on ---- description: Adds easy-to-hit toolbar buttons for developer. author : Simon email : type : Tools lastupdate : 2014-01-30 compatible : 1.11,1.12,1.12.1 tags : zip,developer,tools,toolbar downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== Adds easy-to-hit toolbar buttons to: * **restart** Songbird/Nightingale (if developers tools are installed) * **refresh** UI (if developers tools are installed) * open **error console** * open **DOM inspector** (if DOM inspector is installed) * **make XPI** files for selected add-on(s) * **compile IDLs** into XPTs * **force exit**. **v1.12.0.0.** - works properly with nightingale developers tools addon as well as songbird developers tools addon **v1.13.0.0.** - shows addon version no.s on preferences screen **v1.14.0.0.** - uses extension name (as well as version no) from install.rdf **v1.15.0.0.** - bug fix Please report any issues/requests to me at

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