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====== WhirlyBird 0.1.1 ====== ---- add-on ---- description: Adds an album art preview media page that is based on the MediaFlow addon originally created by John Marshall. This addon works nicely with the PartyRuffle addon. author : abu type : Web Browser, Music & Video lastupdate : 2013-11-01 compatible : 1.11+ tags : art,album,party downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== WhirlyBird is similar to [[|MediaFlow]] but is meant to work nicely with the [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]] addon. Whereas [[|MediaFlow]] and [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]] didn't work well together, the WhirlyBird addon works well with [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]]. WhirlyBird doesn't support all of the features offered by [[|MediaFlow]]. Most notably it doesn't support album grouping. However, WhirlyBird does offer some improvements: * Faster, especially when used with larger libraries. * Support for fullscreen mode. Use **F11** to enter fullscreen mode and **ESC** or **F11** to exit fullscreen mode. * The size of the covers can be resized. Use **PgUp** to increase their size and **PgDn** to decrease their size.

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