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====== Sleep Timer ====== ---- add-on ---- description: A customizable sleep timer which shows up in the control pane. author : Simon type : Music & Video lastupdate : 2014-01-30 compatible : 1.11,1.12,1.12.1 tags : timer,sleep downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== It counts down from a time you set and when the time is up, optionally: * shows a message; * cuts, fades or finishes the playing track; * pauses; * plays a media item/list; * starts an external application; * waits; * closes or returns to the media player. Version 1.12 adds a ** Ctrl Alt S** hot key to open & start the timer with a default time.(In previous versions this key hid the timer. **Ctrl S** still toggles timer visibility.) Please report any problems to me at

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