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====== MinimizeToTray++ 1.0.9 ====== ---- add-on ---- description: Minimizes the application to the system tray. author : Michael B type : Music & Video lastupdate : 2013-11-01 compatible : 1.11+ tags : Minimize,Tray,firefox downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== Ported by sparkhawk - this is a repackaged version of the Songbird extension without enhancements. Version 1.0.10b, for Linux only (darealshinji): {{addons:minimizetotray-1.0.10b-linux-x86_64.xpi|Download}} (64 bit), {{addons:minimizetotray-1.0.10b-linux-i686.xpi|Download}} (32 bit), [[|Source code]] What works: core functionality works well (tested in Ubuntu 11.10 and Xubuntu 11.10). Click the close button or type Alt-4 to minimise to tray. What doesn't work: some of the preferences do not function (e.g. “always show in tray”); clicking the minimise button doesn't work (in Ubuntu, but does work in Xubuntu), nor does control-q (perhaps expected behaviour?).

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