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====== Lieder Lyrics ====== ---- add-on ---- description: Lyrics from The Lied and Art Song Texts Archive. author : Simon type : Music & Video lastupdate : 2013-11-01 compatible : 1.11+ tags : lyrics downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== Lyrics from [[|The Lied and Art Song Texts Archive]]. The Lied and Art Song Texts Page Archive is an archive of texts used iurrebntly nopt eorking properly - n many, many Lieder and other classical art songs (Kunstlieder, mélodies, canzoni, романсы, canciones, liederen, canções, sånger, laulua, písně, piosenki, etc.) as well as in many choral works and other types of classical vocal pieces. The collection currently indexes texts and translations to English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. The site has frequent updates. Please report problems to me at **I know this isn't working (properly) at present but I will updated it as soon as I have time!**

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