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====== Nightingale Developer Tools 0.8 ====== ---- add-on ---- description: A collection of essential utilities for feather designers and extension developers. author : POTI, Antoine Turmel, thebecwar email : type : Tools lastupdate : 2014-02-17 compatible : 1.11,1.12,1.12.1 tags : extension, wizard, Developer downloadurl: bugtracker : sourcerepo : ---- ===== Documentation ===== Features: * The Feathers Wizard, used to set up feathers development projects * The Extension Wizard, which creates a HelloWorld extension and UI sample code * Options to disable XUL caching and refresh the UI * More debug output * The XUL Periodic Table, so you can test all the standard XUL widgets * Easy access to the Profile Manager * A great big bug report button * JavaScript debugger and test environment * XPCOM Viewer * XUL Explorer Original Songbird source code: Thanks to Antoine Turmel (Improvements and maintenance), Mark Finkle (XUL Explorer), Ted Mielczarek (Extension Developer's Extension), Jesse Ruderman (JS Environment), and Ondrej Donek (XPCOM Viewer)

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