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====== BirdTune 1.3.8 ====== {(rater>id=1|name=BirdTune|type=rate)} ---- add-on ---- description: BirdTune is a list of radios you can play via the display pane and the main view. author : Antoine Turmel email : type : Web Browser, Music & Video lastupdate : 2012-03-11 compatible : 1.11+ tags : display pane, GeekShadow, radios, radio, streaming screenshot_img : downloadurl: bugtracker : sourcerepo : ---- ===== Documentation ===== To listen to a radio, click on the logo or the radio name. You can also click on links to open the website of the radio, to see what the song is playing and also link to podcasts. * You can search for radios * You can click on country flag to show radios

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