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====== BirdCage ====== ---- add-on ---- description: BirdCage adds a menu option to the Tools menu which allows you to to lock up Songbird for unattended playback. It is intended to provide a basic level of protection; it is not impregnable! author : Simon email : type : Tools lastupdate : 2014-01-30 compatible : 1.12.1 tags : lock, unattended, party, kiosk, security, protection, discontinued screenshot_img : downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== **Version will be the last update of this add-on!** The first time you select the BirdCage menu option, its preferences pane will open and you will have to set a security question/password reminder (and enter, and confirm, the answer!) You can change the preferences, in the normal way, at any time. I've forced the entry of question and answer to be in step, so that you are encouraged to keep them in agreement. If you change your security question, you will have to enter and confirm an answer: you can't change an answer without first changing the question. When your security info. has been set, select the BirdCage menu option and the BirdCage screen will appear over the top of Songbird. The mouse wheel volume control is the only Songbird control which still operates while BirdCage is on. Click on the lock to show the password entry box; enter the password, click the tick and, if the password is correct , the screen will clear. You can click on the question mark to see your security question/password reminder. If you forget your password: you will have to uninstall BirdCage. If you have chosen the 'Open Locked - never' option, you can just restart Songbid and uninstall this add on. In other cases you will have to close Songbird from the task bar and open it in Safe Mode (an option in the system's Songbird menu). When opening in safe mode, choose to 'disable all add ons' and restart. When in Songbird, uninstall BirdCage and restart Songbird in normal mode.

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