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====== Audio Bookmarks 1.14 ====== ---- add-on ---- description: Resume playback on restart of Nightingale or a track. author : Simon email : type : Library & Playlists, Music & Video lastupdate : 2014-01-29 compatible : 1.11,1.12,1.12.1 tags : playback,bookmarks,books,library screenshot_img : downloadurl: ---- ===== Documentation ===== * Remember where you played up to for all tracks, selected libraries and/or genres and individual tracks. * Resume playing the last played track when the player is restarted. Version 1.13 adds **Ctrl Alt B** and **Ctrl Alt F** hot keys for quick skipping back or forward; Version 1.14 lets you choose whether to skip by a % or no. of seconds. You can turn Audio Bookmarks on/off for any track from bookmark icon in the faceplate, an option under the Controls menu or by pressing Ctrl B. ====Bookmarking==== The Audio Bookmark icon appears in the face-plate: an outline = not operating on the current track solid gray = recording your position in the current track. solid white= existing bookmark. Click the bookmark icon to start/stop bookmarking for any playing track. The icon is disabled on playback of web items. ====Playback==== If a track is from a selected library/genre (as set on the Audio Bookmarks preferences panel), when you go back to it playback resumes from just before where you left off (and the track's bookmark is updated as it plays). If the track is not from the selected library or genre but has a bookmark, it will play from the beginning but the Audio Bookmarks icon is solid white: hover over the icon to show a tootip of the bookmark time. Click on the solid white icon to jump to the bookmark. The icon changes to an outline (the bookmark will not be deleted or updated). Click the outline icon to start updating the bookmarking; click a 2nd time to stop updating and remove the bookmark. ====Open Last Track==== If this option is selected in the preferences panel, the last played track/stream will be re-opened when player restarts. Web tracks (such as Google Reader podcasts) are always opened at the beginning but other tracks can have the last track position was bookmarked, the track will be played from the bookmark, otherwise it will be played from the beginning. You can choose whether re-opened tracks/streams are to be opened 'as they were when Songbird closed', or 'always paused' or 'always playing'. [[add-on:sleeptimer|Sleep Timer]] can close Songbird for you automatically. Audio Bookmarks can resume the track that was playing when you restart Songbird! Please report any problems to me at

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