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For 1.11.1 release:

  • Add-ons: Check Concerts bugfix ← depends on POTI I guess
  • Credits: Add pasts contributors

Would be cool for 1.11.1 release:

  • L10n: Finish L10n support on Babelzilla/GitHub (in progress)
  • Feather: Finish Coppery with timmythepirate (in progress)

Aside release:

Not started:

  • Add-ons: Update all my add-ons to be compatible with Nightingale
  • Add-ons: Finish LiveTweeter to be a generic Share add-on
  • Add-ons: Upload SoundCloud
  • Add-ons: Check D-Bus (for multimedia keys enable) (I had a look once but it's been a while)
  • Add-ons: add-on (make it work !) Preliminary work done, we have to run different tests to figure out on which Songbird release there was a regression
  • Feather: Clean code, improve some parts
  • Feather: Purple tone
  • Feather: Make it work as an add-on for Songbird
  • Website: Test Persona login on the wiki/forum (need to modify PHP settings)
  • Website: Improve the Brand page (as a standalone page ?) with help of Manko10
  • Website: update the protocol page
  • Add-ons: Track the CoMETE projects
  • Team: Contact the owner of the SNAILBot
  • Promotion: Make the flyer. (and fix my printer)
  • IRC: Figure out if we can have a GitHub bot for issues
  • Core: Adjust credits with future contributors (CoMETE)

SB Bugs to look for:

Progress on feather 2012-03-01:

Visual issues:

  • Native title bar color != Interface Color
  • No native menu
  • buttons pixelated on the faceplate (sb bug)
  • Fonts from the linux distro can render bad
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