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====== Hai. ====== ===== About ===== I am a random student from Switzerland. I do mainly some web stuffs, mostly JS. But I also know some HTML, CSS and PHP. I know XUL and started doing some C++ again. JS XPCOM is much more fun! Yep. My name is Martin Giger. I am the first being quoted on the [[:quips]] page. ===== MediaFlow ====== So I am rewriting MediaFlow right now. It's a mess. If you want to try out MediaFlow 4.0, you can get it [[|here]]. It's not really working, but it displays something... If you search a documentation about theming NGales version of MediaFlow, you moght like the following link. [[|following link]] Code work regarding Mediaflow is on the [[users:freaktechnik:todo|todo list]]. ===== Brainstorming ===== * [[kitchen:social|Social sharing and Ngale]] * [[kitchen:external_libraries|How to implement spotify etc. support]] ===== Handy SB stuff ===== [[users:freaktechnik:useful_sb_xpcom|Useful SB XPCOM helpers]] ===== ToDo =====

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