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Nightingale contains a set of automated unit tests. These are not included in the release version and need to be built specifically.

Run Unit Tests Locally

Build Unit Tests

To build Nightingale with unit tests, add the following line to your nightingale.config:

 ac_add_options --enable-tests

Run Unit Tests

To run the unit tests launch the compiled executable in compiled/dist with the


argument. Make sure you have a GUI environement, else execution of some tests is impossible. You can optionally supply a comma separated list of test components to run (see below for a list of available test groups), else all tests are run. If you want to run all tests you can alternatively run

make test

The console log contains information about the tests and whether they passed or failed.

Automated Unit Tests

We use Travis CI for automated unit testing. You can see the results here.

Known Failures

Some Unit tests fail, even though they are in reality fine. All other failures must be looked at as an error.


gstreamer - audio_processing will fail the gap test, as Windows has an outdated version of gstreamer 0.10

List of all Unit Test Groups

Unit tests are grouped by component they test. The following are available:

  • addonmetadata
  • appcontent
  • basetests
  • cddevice
  • dataremote
  • dbengine
  • devicebase
  • devicedevice
  • devicefirmware
  • devicemanager
  • directoryimport
  • displaypanes
  • feathers
  • filedownloader
  • filesystemevents
  • fileutils
  • gstreamer
  • identity
  • internalsearch
  • intl
  • itunesimporter
  • jscodelib
  • library-base
  • localdatabaselibrary
  • mediacorebase
  • mediacoremanager
  • mediaexportservice
  • mediaitemdownload
  • mediamanager
  • mediapages
  • metadatalookup_manager
  • metadatamanager
  • playbackhistoryservice
  • playlistcommands
  • playlistreader
  • playlistwriter
  • playqueue
  • properties
  • remoteapi
  • servicepane
  • shutdownservice
  • sqlbuilder
  • temporaryfileservice
  • transcodeservice
  • urlformatter
  • watchfolders
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