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Welcome, this is the place for add-ons, documentation for developers and much more!

Looking for Help? Ask on the Forums or on IRC.

Want to contribute to Nightingale? Check out the Contribute page!

Current projects
1.12.1 release In progress
Improve the Nightingale feather, by GeekShadow and Manko10 New mockups in work, Coppery colors in progress
New Wiki add-ons page by GeekShadow Need some tweaking
New Website by Freaktechnik In progress
Building Nightingale in top of XULRunner 15, by ilikenwf and Mook In progress
Building Add-on platform (featherweight), by ilikenwf and rsjtdrjgfuzkfg Stalled (need help ?)
Planned projects
Establish goals for next version
Fix software updates for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X
Host documentation on the wiki
Desktop and Mobile HTML5 player
Past projects
1.12 release April 16th (2013)
CoMETE students projects January 16th - March 12th (2012)

Full list see list of projects in work

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