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Current projects

Disclaimer: Please don't see this roadmap as an accurate prediction of what will be happening but rather as an overview of what we'd like to do. This roadmap is not complete and possibly out of date.

Nightingale 1.13

What State
Adding more color tones to the current feather ?
Make Advanced Tab of Metadata Dialog customizable Done
MPRIS 2 (and 1) support Done
EQ Presets (improved version from CoMETE) Done
Fix readonly files tags issues Investigating
GStreamer 1.0 Windows has problems

Nightingale 2.* - XULRunner 15+

What State
Based of vanilla XULRunner/Gecko 15 and + In Progress
Upgrading to latest sqlite In progress
Upgrading to gstreamer-1.0 Done

Not sure about version number yet, as this match Songbird - See Planning

Past projects

Nightingale 1.12.1 - XULRunner

What State
Adding more color tones to the current feather postponed
Handle langpacks ourself at Babelzilla and GitHub to allow modifications and addition of strings done
Implement some Core features by CoMETE students postponed
Fix update system on GNU/Linux & Mac OS X done
Fix play count issue done
Add a firstrun/ changelog page done
Change update source, since SF downloads will be unavailable soon done

Releases Notes Feature freeze: January 11th 2014

Release date : January 12th 2014

Nightingale 1.12 - XULRunner

  • Released April 16th, 2013
  • Matching the code of Songbird 2.2.0 branch
  • Software update deployed for Windows only (Linux/Mac needs work)
  • New TagLib implementation

Releases Notes

Nightingale 1.11.1 - XULRunner

Release aborted in priority for 1.12 version

Nightingale 1.11.0 - XULRunner

  • Release in March
  • Matching the code of Songbird 1.11 branch
  • Getting everything done in Nightingale 1.8.1/1.8.2 in this version
  • Update the feather based on new mockups by Manko10

Releases Notes

Nightingale 1.8.2 - XULRunner 1.9.0.x

  • Back-porting patchs from higher version of Songbird for add-ons compatibility issues
  • Fixing interface issues
  • Fixing feather style
  • Matching Songbird 1.8.2 (iTunes import fixes)

Release aborted in priority for 1.11 version

Releases Notes

Nightingale 1.8.1 - XULRunner 1.9.0.x

  • Historical release

Releases Notes

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