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A list of user requested features. It's not ordered by priority.

Before you add a feature, please check if it's not on the list of stuff we are working on or already an open issue.


  • Bookmarks
  • Releases add-on
  • OpenTape integration
  • Perhaps try and integrate some cloud services, non-DRM stores into xpi's so they're optional…that may be a way to get google summer of code coders involved??
  • DLNA server & controller


  • iPod Support - We need to get that working if we want more users (non Rockbox/FolderSync)…since HAL is dead, this may be interesting
  • manual Sync - just mark and send songs to your device, without playlist, song ratings, etc

User interface:

  • Simplify the menus (→ clean options window)
  • Allow user to set library sorting order (
  • Integrate video window into the media view pane (the one above the library list like MediaFlow) rather than as a separate window on top of Nightingale.
  • Track playing bar at top displays the Wave of the file as track is playing
  • Album Rating field that is by default calculated by the average of the tracks' ratings, or can be be assigned - And appears after the Album name in the filter pane
  • “Album - Year” field for the filter pane that displays the album year
  • Album art displaying at the bottom of the Now Playing List (on the right)
  • With Album Art on right, above, show Track Info immediately above Album Art, with Artist, Composer, Length, Year, file type (such as FLAC) and encoding (such as 44.1khz 16 bit)

System integration:



  • Use GStreamer/XUL for media playback
  • Pause playback while playing <audio>/<video> element.
  • General speed enhancements in terms of the database
  • Make it work better with huge (80GB+) libraries (will be better in next release)


  • Karaoke (CDG) capability, such as Winamp has.(check out MLyrics)
  • Make it work better with NAS stored music - perhaps measure latency and then buffer the media files more
  • Better iTunes import (
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