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Lots of cool add-ons at [[]] will not work out of the box for Nightingale - Try to contact the author to let him know about Nightingale - If the author doesn't reply or doesn't care about updating you can feel free to add add-ons you want on the request queue at the bottom of this page with a link from add-ons website ====== Request queue ====== READ THE STEPS ABOVE: DO NOT POST HERE WITHOUT HAVING ASKED THE AUTHOR! Also, please match the style and add new requests at the bottom. ^Name ^Compatibility ^Status ^ | [[|Chromibird feather]] | up to Songbird 2.0 | Completed 2 Jan 2013 | | [[|MyMultimediaKeysFlip]] | up to Songbird 1.1.2 | NEW | ====== Refused requests ====== * [[|MSC Device Support]] - we won't do it since it's a closed source add-on. Requested from : gerardoc * [[|FolderSync]] - this add-on is part of Nightingale's core, so there is no sense in providing an add-on with the same features. Look at "Synchronization" under Library. Requested from : wurst

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