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Lots of cool add-ons at will not work out of the box for Nightingale

  1. Try to contact the author to let him know about Nightingale
  2. If the author doesn't reply or doesn't care about updating you can feel free to add add-ons you want on the request queue at the bottom of this page with a link from add-ons website

Request queue

READ THE STEPS ABOVE: DO NOT POST HERE WITHOUT HAVING ASKED THE AUTHOR! Also, please match the style and add new requests at the bottom.

Name Compatibility Status
Chromibird feather up to Songbird 2.0 Completed 2 Jan 2013
MyMultimediaKeysFlip up to Songbird 1.1.2 NEW

Refused requests

  • MSC Device Support - we won't do it since it's a closed source add-on. Requested from : gerardoc
  • FolderSync - this add-on is part of Nightingale's core, so there is no sense in providing an add-on with the same features. Look at “Synchronization” under Library. Requested from : wurst
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