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Nightingale 1.8.2 is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

New features and improvements

  • Several fixes on the default feather
  • Backport SB Bug 21745 Calling playURLfails when there is a URL playing already
  • Backport SB Bug 22246 sbAppStartupService: _registerProtocolHandlerGConf is not a function
  • Fix SB Bug 10030 [linux] there are TWO option/preferences menu locations where only one is necessary
  • Fix SB Bug 25324 Inconsistent usage of ellipsis at the end of menu items
  • Fix SB Bug 25329 Cleaner way to open Download Manager
  • Fix issue 28 Unable to delete playlist folder
  • Fix Credits page (Typo and Songbird Credits)
  • Better icon on Windows (better resolution)
  • Fix the build script for some shells
  • Remove the uninstallation survey on Windows installer

Know Bugs/Issues

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