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Nightingale 1.13 (build 2455) is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7 and GNU/Linux.

New features and improvements

  • User Agent switched to Nightingale/Version (Build ID) Issue #248
  • Improved libnotify extension
  • Added MPRIS 1 & 2 support
  • Added GNOME MediaKeys support Issue #306
  • Added Linux Desktop Entry Actions Issue #288
  • Fixed background image and icons position in Mac OS X installer Issue #253
  • Added SEEKED Mediacore Event Issue #254
  • Display EQ band values Issue #259 and Issue #240
  • Fixed the icon not displaying on the Ubuntu/deb build Issue #256
  • Fixed the mashTape video frame on Windows and Mac Issue #277
  • Fixed the mashTape Flickr tab (SSL only enabled)
  • Fixed the Mac OS X dock controls (and added Stop item) Issues #186 and Issues #287
  • Fixed Mac OS X media key controls Issues #208
  • Fixed weird file permission when using Sync under Linux
  • Command line playback controls Issue #288
  • Added Equalizer presets with a set of default presets as well as saving user set presets Issue #260
  • Fixed clearing private data not working Issue #249
  • SHOUTcast now works with new API key from Radionomy Issue #282
  • Added Advanced Metadata Editor Tab Issue #308
  • Copy playlist items Issue #338
  • Move items in the play queue Issue #96
  • Updated extension to use official scrobbling API
  • Display remaining track time on left side (click to toggle to it) Issue #323

Known Bugs

  • Concerts is not working since September 2012 → API needs to be updated Issue #137
  • New Releases add-on is not working either since a long time Issue #136
  • mashTape can cause crashes Issue #77
  • Various bugs within the version of XULR we're using, for example an allocation issue (though, this should be fixed with a new dependencies release).

Build system update

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