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Nightingale 1.12 (build 2432) is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7 and GNU/Linux. ====== New features and improvements ====== * Based of Songbird 2.2.0 * Fix [[|issue 58]] (SB issue) Blank page when starting Nightingale * Fix [[|Issue 46]] (SB issue) Stop button in streams misplaced * Fix [[|Issue 59]] (SB issue) Volume bar not filled up on startup * Fix [[|Issue 93]] (SB issue) Volume display is delayed on UI reload * Fix [[|Bug 25938]] (SB issue) mashTape no longer fetches artist Biography/information * Update the branding of Concerts/New Releases/MashTape (but those are mostly broken (New Releases/Concerts) or buggy (mashTape) * Replaced Songbird links by Nightingale * Removed Songbird closed-source features references (DLNA) * Import all video formats, not just ogv (3gp,ogv,avi,divx,flv,mov,mp4,m4v,webm,wmv) * Fix for playback and failure to import on Ubuntu * Update FolderSync to Version * Use native/unpatched TagLib ≥ 1.8 * Upgrade XULRunner to (on Linux and Mac OS X) * Internal search engine handling now a [[developer_center:internal_search_engines|component]] * Blue feather "Coppery" is now called "Blue Monday" * New and better installer for Windows * 7Digital is no more available (because of partnership end between Songbird and 7Digital) * Notifications and Sound menu supported on Ubuntu (Unity & Gnome) * Volume bar now indicate the level number. * Fixed windows bug where Nightingale randomly crashed on media import ====== Known Bugs ====== * Concerts is no more working since September -> It's a Songbird issue * New Releases add-on is not working either since a long time * mashTape can cause crashes * [[|Other bugs]] ====== Build system update ====== * Improved Linux architecture detection * Add initial support for building Debian packages * Removed HTTPS dependency download * Created script to compile nightlies * Improved build script for dependencies

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