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Make sure locales are uploaded on the server and test them

Assignee : GeekShadow

Status : OK

Notes : Tied to the l10n refresh. GeekShadow made a script to retrieve, unpack Songbird langpacks and make them compatible with Nightingale. Next version should have their own L10n files.


Make sure first run add-ons are uploaded on the server and test them

Assignee : GeekShadow, freaktechnik

Status : OK

Notes : Concerts is no more working, 7Digital is deprecated, New Releases not working : no needs to include them., mashTape, MLyrics, SoundCloud, Shoutcast are up !

What do we do with the add-on page? I'll push mine, but what about the ones from other devs? -rsjtdrjgfuzkfg


For each platform, run on nightingale-1.12 branch

It could now be done using build servers \o/

  • Windows x86 : rsjtdrjgfuzkfg or GeekShadow
  • Mac OS X x86 : ilikenwf
  • Linux x86 : GeekShadow
  • Linux x86_64 : ilikenwf or GeekShadow

Status :

  • Windows x86 : OK
  • Mac OS X x86 : OK
  • Linux x86 : OK
  • Linux x86_64 : OK

Notes :

Now we could also add Ubuntu/Debian packages


We have to do a quick test on each platform to see if there are issues

Assignee : Everyone

Status :

  • Mac: OK
  • Windows: OK
  • Linux x86: NOT OK
  • Linux 64bit (amd64 or x86_64 or whatevs): NOT OK

Notes : Todo : Test basic features, such as locale, add-ons install, import, playback (maybe we could get POTI to give us access to scenario cases used back when Litmus was public). Run tests for components offering tests (not sure how to achieve this…). Also do the release tests.

Binaries upload

Binaries have to be uploaded on

Could be automatize with bash scripting

Assignee : ilikenwf (mac/linux) rsjtdrjgfuzkfg (windows) GeekShadow (linux)

Status :

  • Windows x86 : OK
  • Mac OS X x86 : OK
  • Linux x86 : OK
  • Linux x86_64 : OK

Notes : new Inno exe installer for Windows x86, dmg installer for Mac x86, tar.gz tarball for Linux x86/x86_64

Tag the branch

The branch should be tagged on GitHub (1.12)

Assignee : rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, ilikenwf

Status : OK

Notes : Pushed a branch for later fixes on 1.12 if necessary (1.12.1, etc), tag for archiving.

Should we continue on 1.13 next or 1.12.1 ?

I'd say 1.12.1 for bugfixes (hope we don't need that - rsjtdrjgfuzkfg) and then release 2.0 after that -ilikenwf, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg agrees

Update website

The website should be updated to reflect the new release

We should include a nice looking changelog for non-geeks (new features/improvements)

Assignee : freaktechnik, GeekShadow

Status : OK

Notes : freaktechnik is working on a new website version, if it's ready in time maybe we could use it

Blog post

We should write an article for 1.12 release

Assignee : GeekShadow / rsjtdrjgfuzkfg

Status : OK

Notes :

Here is a draft:

Web/Social Share

We have to update our social networks accounts, and also digg, slashdot etc.

Assignee : all

Status :

  • Facebook → NOT OK
  • Twitter → OK
  • Google + → NOT OK
  • Slashdot (ilikenwf, everyone up vote) → NOT OK
  • Reddit → OK

Notes : Find some tool in the future to update at the same time Google+, Twitter and Facebook status.

Goodies announcement

Disclose goodies and how to get them

Assignee : GeekShadow

Status : NOT OK

Notes : Could be D+1/D+2 after the release, put some contest up to make people share NG, write reviews, donation page to cover shipping costs.

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