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Here is a draft of the text in the flyer :

“I give you the bird, because desktop apps are still alive ! (pun with Portal ?)

We are a community of developers and music lovers, we also love the web and once believed in the Songbird “Web” Player. Unfortunately, the project took another turn and was no more caring about the web and Linux support.

This is why Nightingale exists. Like a phoenix, we are continuing to improve the desktop media player in aim of supporting web features and also want to develop apps dedicated to music for the web platform compatible with modern browsers and of course Nightingale which is powered by Mozilla platform XULRunner.”

To be original, I was thinking of putting a bird origami on the flyer, with some social features like : “Scan the QR-Code, take a picture of your origami bird, and share it on Twitter, Facebook” (This could be done also online by others people).

QR-Code would go to a web page allowing the Camera API.

The goal is to reach developers to help us.

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