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The goal

Improve user-experience on Linux

The situation before

Songbird dropped Linux support and we had to take over to continue support and also fixing bugs. Currently we are supporting distros that we are using. So mainly : Archlinux, Fedora, Ubuntu.

Solution proposed

  • Coordinate work with community to have AUR/PPA/DEB/RPM etc.
  • Let Nightingale use system libraries instead of bundling them
  • Integrate Nightingale with distros specific interface (Unity/Gnome 3 for example)

What to do

  • Contact people making packages for distros and discuss with them on IRC
  • Check what's bugging on distros
  • Compare with others linux media players and how they integrate with the system
  • Merge John Murray/LookingMan changes

GitHub issues

  • #100 Remove duplicate preferences menu entry on Linux
  • #64 Menus draw error
  • #36 Media keys volume issue
  • Pull 165 Unity integration


For PPA we should now use this account :

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