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The goal

A better Windows installer.

The situation before

We are currently using the Songbird installer which is build using NSIS (Nullsoft installer). In fact this script was based off Firefox.

There are severals problems which were already reported but not fixed such as :

  • Only admins can install it (because of Gearworks drivers)
  • Things that we don't ship for Nightingale such as proprietary stuff
  • Not properly checking for space in the disk
  • Lot of code unused, because it's aiming partners version
  • You can't install Nightingale while running it (prevent you to install other versions for testing while listening music)

Solution proposed

Switch on InnoSetup.

  • It's one file against six files for NSIS
  • Installers are already localized
  • Windows UAC is handled
  • Scripts are more easy to understand for humans

What to do

  • Make the script (Done)
  • Integrate InnoSetup in our deps (Done)
  • Put the compilation in build process (Done)

Later we can comeback on NSIS using the latest Mozilla script which is handling several new features like:

  • Shortcut in taskbar for Windows 7+
  • Metro stuff for Windows 8
  • Stub installer.

GitHub issues

  • #25 [Windows installer] Give the user the possibility to install without admin rights
  • #52 Default player on Windows/Mac


You can download the test installer builded on InnoSetup here, report any bugs :)

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