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 +====The goal====
 +Improve user experience and developers work.
 +====The situation before====
 +Currently we have a list of add-ons on the wiki, they are not all compatible with latest release and some doesn'​t work or are not up to date.
 +====Solution proposed====
 +We should review add-ons every month, clean the page and also bring out add-ons/​feather of months.
 +We should also communicate more with add-ons developers to make them improve their add-ons.
 +We should reach former add-ons developers to put their Songbird add-on on our wiki.
 +====What to do====
 +  * Improve the add-ons page
 +  * Put documentation up
 +  * Create mails templates (for developer to updates their add-ons, new releases, new API etc.)
 +  * Review add-ons
 +  * Update add-ons to be compatible
 +  * Script to put Nightingale compatibility in install.rdf (bash, + web ?)
 +  * Propose more add-ons in firstrun (see with the new user interface)
 +====GitHub issues====
 +None yet.
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