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====The goal==== Improve the current add-ons listing on the wiki ====The situation before==== For now, each add-on is listed on the [[:add-ons]] page, every people who want to add/modify/delete have to edit this page, there is no real template and it's hard to keep track of what is changed with lots of modification. The current add-ons page is for both add-ons and feathers, the page keeps growing and it's hard to find a specific add-on. ====Solution proposed==== The initial solution proposed is a completely new platform developed in PHP and called "Featherweight". It's being developed by [[:users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]], [[:users:Ilikenwf]] and [[:users:freaktechnik]]. This project was started from scratch and it's not finished yet. A temporary solution was found, DokuWiki have a great plugin called "pluginrepo" which allow some of planned features such as categories, tags, template for each add-on, dynamic views, search, screen-shots etc. ====What to do==== The current code of DokuWiki pluginrepo is [[|hosted on GitHub]], it's targeted only for [[|]] internal usage, so every changes dedicated to everything else need to lives in a forked repo. (See [[|Issue 18]]). Some parts need to be modified such as: * Custom types (categories) -> [[|Discussion]] * <del>Namespace (add-on instead of plugin, feather instead of template)</del> * <del>Bundled add-ons support (No download link seems to be exposed)</del> * Icon of add-on * <del>DokuWiki strings</del> * <del>Replace "provides" by "category" or "type"</del> * <del>Releases name/date</del> * Database * Plugin info * Adapt or remove popularity * <del>Better add-on name handling</del> <- fixed in Pull Request 24 of [[|Issue 22]] * Better "back" icon to add-on page Some features that would be cool: * Generate add-ons update RDF file (eg : * ↑ requires version, maxVersion, minVersion, Add-on ID fields * RSS Feeds * (to make add-ons pages not editable for all users) * <del> (to allow ratings)</del> installed * <del> (for lightbox support)</del> installed * multiple downloads * version field ====GitHub issues==== * <del>[[|#18]] Ability to add more types</del> -> Have to be in forked version * <del>[[|#19]] Add french translation, remove the underscore for dbname</del> * <del>[[|#20]] Typos fixes by @Aorimn</del> * <del>[[|#21]] Support zip files hosted on DokuWiki in media manager ?</del> -> Look on the screenshot url code else explains to the user how to get full url * <del>[[|#22]] Enhanced plugin name on web-page</del> * [[|#23]] [API] plugins filter not working * <del>[[|#24]] Show plugin name instead of plugin pagename</del> * [[|#25]] rework the table view * [[|#26]] RSS Feed Support * [[|#27]] Not compatible plugin * <del>[[|#28]] Some parts breaks on localized version</del> * <del>[[|#29]] Fix the compatibility icon CSS class in foreign language</del> * [[|#30]] URLs doesn't get clickable on description * [[|#31]] Ability to not display popularity on table component * [[|#32]] Integrate rating aside popularity * <del>[[|#34]] Lightbox support is broken using latest gallery plugin</del> <- fixed in latest gallery plugin ====Testing==== The repo can be tested here: [[playground:playground]]

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