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The goal

Improve the current add-ons listing on the wiki

The situation before

For now, each add-on is listed on the add-ons page, every people who want to add/modify/delete have to edit this page, there is no real template and it's hard to keep track of what is changed with lots of modification.

The current add-ons page is for both add-ons and feathers, the page keeps growing and it's hard to find a specific add-on.

Solution proposed

The initial solution proposed is a completely new platform developed in PHP and called “Featherweight”. It's being developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, Ilikenwf and freaktechnik.

This project was started from scratch and it's not finished yet.

A temporary solution was found, DokuWiki have a great plugin called “pluginrepo” which allow some of planned features such as categories, tags, template for each add-on, dynamic views, search, screen-shots etc.

What to do

The current code of DokuWiki pluginrepo is hosted on GitHub, it's targeted only for internal usage, so every changes dedicated to everything else need to lives in a forked repo. (See Issue 18).

Some parts need to be modified such as:

  • Custom types (categories) → Discussion
  • Namespace (add-on instead of plugin, feather instead of template)
  • Bundled add-ons support (No download link seems to be exposed)
  • Icon of add-on
  • DokuWiki strings
  • Replace “provides” by “category” or “type”
  • Releases name/date
  • Database
  • Plugin info
  • Adapt or remove popularity
  • Better add-on name handling ← fixed in Pull Request 24 of Issue 22
  • Better “back” icon to add-on page

Some features that would be cool:

GitHub issues

  • #18 Ability to add more types → Have to be in forked version
  • #19 Add french translation, remove the underscore for dbname
  • #20 Typos fixes by @Aorimn
  • #21 Support zip files hosted on DokuWiki in media manager ? → Look on the screenshot url code else explains to the user how to get full url
  • #22 Enhanced plugin name on web-page
  • #23 [API] plugins filter not working
  • #24 Show plugin name instead of plugin pagename
  • #25 rework the table view
  • #26 RSS Feed Support
  • #27 Not compatible plugin
  • #28 Some parts breaks on localized version
  • #29 Fix the compatibility icon CSS class in foreign language
  • #30 URLs doesn't get clickable on description
  • #31 Ability to not display popularity on table component
  • #32 Integrate rating aside popularity
  • #34 Lightbox support is broken using latest gallery plugin ← fixed in latest gallery plugin


The repo can be tested here: playground

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