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Artist's Requirements

  • The album we promote needs to be available under a free license (see at the bottom of the paragraph) or public domain (ideally with something like CC0).
  • The album needs to contain at least 4 songs but can be a special album for Nightingale (non-free songs can be omitted)
  • The album must be available for no money. Optional payment / donations are ok.
  • The available audio quality should be at least mp3 with 192kbps or similar.
  • The album needs to be playable in Nightingale.
  • If the audio format allows tags, the songs should be properly tagged
  • The album needs to have an awesome cover and have a license that allows use it directly or on screensots
  • Submit to our form


A free license is: or any CC license. If the license is similar to CC but not listed we might still approve the submission.

The term “album” means the compilation of tracks the artist asks us to promote.

The voters will decide what is awesome in the end. But just some solid color + text isn't (okay, depends on the type of the text). Also no Comic Sans.

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