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Nightingale is currently available in 59 languages in form of langpacks. The translation is hosted both on Babelzilla where people can translate online and on GitHub to track every changes.

Here are the current issues open:


  • Improve comments

Work done so far on every locale:

  • Improved Ellipsis usage on every locale and replacing ”…” by “…”
  • Fix usage of double quotes inside a string in songbird.dtd
  • Convert to double quotes some strings value
  • Replace Add-ons URL by add_ons.url
  • Replace Bugzilla URL by file_bug.url
  • Remove spaces in
  • Added “Flat” string for equalizer
  • Added “Unnamed Pane” string for display panes
  • Replaced Songbird strings by brandShortName
  • Removed antislashes “\” on foreign languages where it's not needed
  • Tested langpack import on both Babelzilla WTS (old system) and Babelzilla Adofex (new system)

Work assigned to localizers:

  • Check if “Nightingale” string (&brandShortName;) need prefix/suffix in foreign languages
  • Review and fix their locale
  • Complete guidelines

Prefixed strings discussed to be removed:

  • umsd (not sure which files use them) 14 strings

Useful tools:


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