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{{page>menu}} {{ :l10n.png?nolink|}} Nightingale is currently available in [[l10n:dashboard|59 languages]] in form of [[l10n:langpack|langpacks]]. The translation is hosted both on [[|Babelzilla]] where people can translate online and on [[|GitHub]] to track every changes. Here are the current issues open: TODO: * Improve comments Work done so far on every locale: * Improved Ellipsis usage on every locale and replacing "..." by "…" * Fix usage of double quotes inside a string in songbird.dtd * Convert to double quotes some strings value * Replace Add-ons URL by add_ons.url * Replace Bugzilla URL by file_bug.url * Remove spaces in * Added "Flat" string for equalizer * Added "Unnamed Pane" string for display panes * Replaced Songbird strings by brandShortName * Removed antislashes "\" on foreign languages where it's not needed * Tested langpack import on both Babelzilla WTS (old system) and Babelzilla Adofex (new system) Work assigned to localizers: * Check if "Nightingale" string (&brandShortName;) need prefix/suffix in foreign languages * Review and fix their locale * Complete [[l10n:guidelines|guidelines]] Prefixed strings discussed to be removed: * [[|umsd]] (not sure which files use them) 14 strings Useful tools: * * Links: * Babelzilla WTS test: * Babelzilla Adofex test: * Babelzilla Adofex official project: * Songbird metabug: FIXME * Nightingale L10n Repo: * Songbird L10n Repo: * Example of XML file used to distribute langpacks:

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