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The Nightingale feather is designed by Manko10 and developed by GeekShadow and Timmythepirate.

Work is still in progress, this feather is built over “Purple Rain” feather from Songbird 1.10.2 branch.


If you build Nightingale yourself, you should add this option in your nightingale.config :

ac_add_options --disable-jars

It will disable jar files creation, so you can directly edit feather files without having to deal with jar files.

Tips & tricks

Prev/Play/Pause/Next controls buttons needed to be overlayed, I did this in XUL using <stack>


  • Build around new proposals → In progress
  • Provide to developers buttons sample + Design Guidelines (Manko ?)
  • Adjust sizes for buttons/faceplate
  • Orange «Coppery» theme and ability to switch on the same feather
  • System menus
  • Improve mini-player mode
  • Make it work on Songbird 1.10.3/1.11.1/2.0

Original design by Manko10 :

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