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We're glad you decided to switch to Nightingale. However, you will surely want to keep your library, preferences, etc. As Nightingale is based on Songbird, you can continue with the same profile. So everything will get migrated, including but not limited to playlists, Smart playlists, Playlist folders (via Playlist folders Songbird Add-on only), Add-on preferences (only add-ons available for both Songbird and Nightingale), Play-counts and Skip-counts, Preferences, custom Meta-data and Ratings. However, you will loose all add-ons that are not compatible to Nightingale.

Migrate from Songbird to Nightingale

IMPORTANT: do not follow the steps here if you're not using Nightingale 1.11.x or later

Let's discuss the actual migration:

STEP 1: Nightingalify your profile

First, we need to ensure your profile is up to date. Update to Songbird 1.10.2, if you haven't yet. Update add-ons to ensure you got the most recent Songbird Add-ons. Some add-ons updated to be compatible to both Songbird and Nightingale, and this steps will add Nightingale compatibility. So you don't have to reinstall these add-ons. Another issue is add-on data migration, as only current versions of an add-on are available for Nightingale, which might not be able to read the data of an old version only available for Songbird.

STEP 2: Copy your profile to Nightingale

The next step is copying your Songbird profile to Nightingale. If you have knowledge over Mozilla Profiles, this should be enough instruction. If not, here is a Step-by-Step:

Locate the Songbird Profile

Go to the Songbird folder within your profile. On Windows (Windows 2000 or later), you do that by pressing the 'R' and the Windows key on your keyboard at the same time, and entering


to the box that pops up. On Linux, open a file manager at


TODO: Mac?

Find your profile folder. It ends with ”.default” or ”.Default User” or something similar. You might have to open a folder called “Profiles”. Note that this are default file / folder names. If your Songbird was set up by somebody with knowledge over Mozilla Profiles, refer to this person if you can't find the folder.

This is the profile folder. We'll copy it to another folder in the next step, so select all content and copy it into the clipboard.

Copy it to Nightingale

Ensure Nightingale has been started once before doing the next steps, as the folders will get created at the first start!

Note that EVERYTHING you have in Nightingale will get overwritten by the Songbird profile.

Go to the Nightingale folder within your profile. Same as above, but use “nightingale” instead of “songbird2”.

Find the nightingale profile folder (same as above), enter it and delete all content. Paste the Songbird data from clipboard.

STEP 3: Clean up at Nightingale

Start Nightingale. If you completed the last steps successfully, it will start up with your library (a migration window pops up before, with recommended add-ons. Feel free to install them).

Basically, we're finished here. However, I recommend uninstalling all add-ons marked as incompatible now. If there is a Nightingale version, you can also update it by visiting the Extensions page and downloading the ones you want to update.

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